Gonzo Innovation: Why People Matter

“People and relationships matter.  Through meaningful connections between individuals striving for common goals, successful businesses grow.”

– Peter B. Azmi, Founder and Chief Strategist, i+ Business Development Studios

Gonzo Innovation is a human-centric philosophical framework that aims to put people at the centre of innovation (as opposed to technology and invention).

Gonzo Innovation takes its name from Gonzo Journalism, first popularized by the author Hunter S. Thompson.

The “Gonzo” nature of this philosophy puts the innovator at the centre of any innovation challenge.

Highly energetic, curious and committed, the Gonzo Innovator becomes part of the innovation challenge, imparting a purposeful and direct affect on his/her work.

i+ Business Development Studios uses the Gonzo Innovation framework to better understand project constraints, identify stakeholders, define problems, identify opportunities and develop solutions.

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