BD for CMEs

[CME + Business Strategy +  Reputation Management + Business Development = Innovation]


  • accredited fully-online CME course
  • unique to the CME market
  • project leads are research and education oriented, but not comfortable with marketing and business activities required to bring the course to market


  • a system for registering learners and charging fees needed to be developed
  • marketing and launch strategy was required
  • limited funds were available for investment and development
  • self-sustaining revenues from this project would be needed to support core academic operations and continued development of the CME project


  1. we gathered requirements for the project
  2. we worked with the faculty to better understand needs, goals and limitations
  3. we set a budget and an expected timeline for project results
  4. we undertook an analysis of the project requirements and developed a strategy for a stage-gated project that would meet operational goals, while also remaining within the expected budget and timelines

i+ Project

  1. we developed a business model and innovation strategy that described in detail:
    1. the challenge we aimed to solve
    2. our approach
    3. an analysis of key stakeholders and value propositions
    4. budgets and timelines
    5. deliverables and expected outcomes
    6. risks and mitigation
    7. project maintenance and future directions
  2. in partnership with the project leads, we developed an operating framework that provided an automated registration and payment process for learners
  3. we aimed to establish a unique brand and reputation for the online CME program that reflected the academic excellence of the lead faculty, while also communicating the value of the program for learners
  4. we developed an online presence to communicate the brand and CME program to the world
  5. we developed social media channels to connect to target audiences
  6. we developed a pricing model and revenue projections that ensured self-sustainability for the project and surplus funds for continued research and development
  7. we created sell-copy to promote the program
  8. we advised and negotiated partnerships and reviewed agreements


  • business and financial models
  • business and operating strategy
  • communications strategy
  • brand and identity
  • online presence
  • unique visuals and graphics
  • copy writing and copy editing
  • content management
  • social media
  • digital media communications
  • pricing model
  • project management
  • support for partnerships negotiations and agreements review
  • web hosting

Client Testimonial


“Peter Azmi’s collaboration came into our CME event when it seemed like it would never get launched.  In his confident and calm style mixed together with undeniable expertise, he presented us with a path that we had not seen before. Sure enough, with his support at every level, within a year, we steadfastly jumped over each challenging hurdle, and successfully launched. We are very proud of our CME event but just as proud of our collaboration with Peter and would recommend his services without hesitation.”

Dr.Kathy Boutis, MD FRCPC MSc
Academic Director, ImageSim
Emergency Physician & Research Director, Division of Emergency Medicine
Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada

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