Academic Research to Market Innovation

[Academic Research + Business Strategy +  Reputation Management + Business Development = Innovation]



  • university faculty has a highly unique research program in mental resilience
  • the research spawned a training innovation that could be used to improve mental resilience and decision efficiency under high-stress conditions
  • first responders and other high-stress careers could benefit from the innovation



  • transform a research program into a product that first responders could use and benefit from
  • limited funds were available for investment and development
  • self-sustaining revenues from this project would be needed to support core academic operations and continued research & development



  1. we gathered requirements for the project
  2. we worked with the faculty to better understand needs, goals and limitations
  3. we set a budget and an expected timeline for project results
  4. we undertook an analysis of the project requirements and developed a strategy for a stage-gated project that would meet operational goals, while also remaining within the expected budget and timelines


i+ Project

  1. we developed a business model and innovation strategy that described in detail:
    1. the challenge we aimed to solve
    2. our approach
    3. an analysis of key stakeholders and value propositions
    4. budgets and timelines
    5. deliverables and expected outcomes
    6. risks and mitigation
    7. project maintenance and future directions
  2. we aimed to establish a unique brand and reputation for the training program that reflected the academic excellence of the lead investigator while also communicating the value of the program for first responders
  3. we developed an online presence to communicate the brand and training program to the world
  4. we worked with the faculty and an academic accreditation body to certify the program as a continuing professional development activity valued at 11.5 CME credits
  5. we used social media to connect to target audiences
  6. we wrote stories and promoted the program in line with the reputation and values established in our innovation strategy
  7. we developed a pricing model and revenue projections that ensured self-sustainability for the project and surplus funds for continued research & development



  • business and financial models
  • business and operating strategy
  • communications strategy
  • brand and identity
  • online presence
  • unique visuals and graphics
  • copy writing and copy editing
  • content management
  • news stories
  • social media
  • digital media communications
  • support for accreditation
  • pricing model
  • project management
  • grant and proposal writing support
  • fully designed course syllabus
  • web hosting


Peter Azmi and the i+ team worked with my ideas to build a business strategy, website and promotional materials that have exceeded my expectations. I have no prior experience with such a process and they walked me through each step in a timely manner with clear instructions and excellent advice. I am consistently impressed with the insightful strategy, creative design and professionalism of i+ and their product outputs. Impressively, my website has now been acknowledged by my colleagues and members of the public around the world.  Peter’s strategy for business development, web exposure and marketing of my website and research has also exceeded my expectations. I am extremely pleased with the service I have received from Peter and his team at i+ Business Development Studios.

Dr. Judith Andersen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
Affiliated Faculty of Medicine | University of Toronto
Police Resilience and Use of Force Training – iPREP
Director: Health, Adaptation, Research on Trauma Lab



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