Supporting a National Network in Both Official Languages

[National Network + Communications = Innovation]



  • client: a national network, part of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) program in chronic disease
    • facilitates connections between patients, their primary healthcare providers, and specialists to improve health care and provide significant cost savings within the health system
  • identity assets, including a brand and logo were already developed and available
  • project leads required an online communications and stakeholder engagement channel to support the network’s mission


  • a diverse set of stakeholders and audiences needed to be addressed in a unified solution
  • the 2 official Canadian languages needed to part of the solution
  • unique graphics and imagery needed to be developed in-line with the existing brand standard and organizational vision
  • print and presentation materials needed to be developed
  • tight timelines for all deliverables


  1. we gathered requirements for the project
  2. we worked with the program leads to better understand their needs, goals and limitations
  3. we set a budget and an expected timeline for project results
  4. we undertook an analysis of the project requirements and developed a strategy for a stage-gated project that would meet operational goals, while also remaining within the expected budget and timelines

i+ Project

  1. we developed a strategy that described in detail:
    1. the challenge we aimed to solve
    2. our approach
    3. an analysis of key stakeholders and value propositions
    4. budgets and timelines
    5. deliverables and expected outcomes
    6. risks and mitigation
    7. project maintenance and future directions
  2. in partnership with the project leads, we organized existing content into a communications framework that matched audience and stakeholder needs
  3. we developed a multilingual online presence that met operational goals
  4. we established social media channels to connect to target audiences
  5. we designed a cost effective solution that enabled the project team to continue to manage and build on our solution without needing advanced or special skills
  6. we developed related print materials and unique visual elements


  • communications strategy
  • multilingual online presence
  • unique visuals and graphics
  • copy editing
  • content management
  • social media
  • newsletter formatting
  • digital media communications
  • project management
  • print materials
  • web hosting
  • technical support


Diabetes Action Canada was extremely pleased with the design consultation and implementation management of our new website developed by i + Business Development Solutions. They provided highly professional, responsive and exemplary service. We are proud to be working with such an effective group.
Catharine Whiteside, CM MD PhD FRCPS(C) FCAHS
Executive Director, Diabetes Action Canada – CIHR SPOR Network
Emerita Professor and Former Dean of Medicine
University of Toronto


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