Proposal Writing for Success



  • an academic (university) program is recognized for excellence
  • government policy priorities are aligned with academic interests

Challenge + Opportunity

  • leverage academic interests and government priorities to create a unique funding opportunity for the academic program


  1. we developed a communications strategy that highlighted the academic reputation of the program and its principal investigators
  2. we supported relationship building between the faculty and government leadership
  3. we developed an operating and funding model that provided an opportunity for government and faculty to collaborate on mutual interests
  4. we developed a case for funding, proposed a budget for the project and a sustainability plan
  5. we supported the application and review process for the proposal
  6. subsequent to funding, we remained engaged for project support and management

 i+ Project

  1. we developed a communications strategy that described in detail:
    1. the challenge we aimed to solve
    2. our approach
    3. an analysis of key stakeholders and value propositions
    4. budgets and timelines
    5. deliverables and expected outcomes
    6. risks and mitigation
  2. in partnership with the project leads, we organized supported relationship building between key stakeholders
  3. we developed a partnership strategy
  4. we created a case for funding and co-drafted a proposal
  5. we developed a budget and sustainability model
  6. we supported the application process from beginning to end
  7. we remained engaged as project management lead


  • communications strategy
  • a case for funding
  • proposal writing
  • budget development
  • project management and logistics
  • budget management

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