Stakeholder Meetings + Events


  • organizations have many external stakeholders such as:
    • funders/investors
    • collaborators and value chain partners
    • clients
    • etc.
  • our client want to effectively build relationships, communicate key organizational objectives and drive cooperation throughout their network


  • effectively and cost-efficiently build relationships, manage reputation and drive cooperation along key organizational objectives


  1. we developed a communications strategy that highlighted our client’s reputation
  2. we supported relationship building through a stakeholders meeting: a live, in person event
  3. we developed all event associated communications, such as:
    1. meeting agenda
    2. invitations
    3. a meeting brief
    4. supporting online materials
    5. presentation templates
  4. we developed a persuasive business case that drove buy in for client priorities
  5. we supported post-meeting followup

 i+ Project

  1. we developed a communications strategy that described in detail:
    1. the challenge we aimed to solve
    2. our approach
    3. an analysis of key stakeholders and value propositions
    4. budgets and timelines
    5. deliverables and expected outcomes
    6. risks and mitigation
  2. in partnership with the project leads, we organized a live event
  3. we identified invitees
  4. we developed a partnership strategy and a case for change
  5. we created all communications assets including agenda, invitations, presentation templates, meeting brief, etc.
  6. we organized all logistics including room bookings, food orders, etc.
  7. we undertook a post-meeting followup with invitees
  8. we provided all data and feedback to the client


  • communications strategy
  • a case for change/ buy in
  • event management
  • project management and logistics
  • communications materials


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