i+ Business Development Studios is LIVE!


We are pleased to announce the launch of the i+ Business Development Studios website!  

Welcome to  i+ Business Development Studios: we are innovating business development!

We are an innovation consultancy with a very big twist – we don’t just consult.  We get involved as partners and co-producers of our client’s work.  That’s right – we work with our clients as part of their team.

In short, we are entrepreneurs and innovators helping entrepreneurs and innovators.

Our philosophy is Gonzo Innovation: a human-centric approach and methodology to innovation.

Our story: i+ Business Development Studios is the brain child of its founder and Chief Strategist, Dr. Peter Azmi.  Peter is a scientist, entrepreneur, innovator, artist and educator.   Peter’s innovations framework is informed by his experiences as a scientist, entrepreneur and innovator.   As an immunologist and molecular biologist by training, Peter brings the same type of system-level visualization techniques, used by scientists to understand complex biological phenomena, to model and understand business networks.  Peter has worked and consulted for some of Canada’s top universities, institutions and corporations.  Peter has successfully led startups, raised millions of dollars for clients and commercialized many product and service innovations.  Peter is also an adjunct professor of business innovation at CEDIM.   Peter’s vision for i+ Business Development Studios is to help innovators and entrepreneurs achieve their vision and grow exciting new enterprises through the thoughtful application of human-centric business design methodologies.

Our website’s innovative design is an example of our internal R&D processes and is intended to be a resource for our community.  Our “ideas, insights & innovations” page houses project case studies, news, product descriptions, educational materials and insightful white papers.

Our services encompass our client’s innovation journey: starting from strategy, building through branding and reputation management, and then leading to transactional business development.  By integrating these services, we create true project continuity and are better able to provide complete support for a full innovation-project lifecycle.

Start innovating with us today!  Contact innovate[at]innovatingBD.com



i+ Business Development Studios