Why Us


i+ Business Development Studios is a full service innovation strategy, reputation management and business development partner for innovative enterprises.

We help innovators, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, organizations and individuals fulfill their vision for a better future.

We don’t just consult, we integrate and deliver on your important project and operational goals.



what we do

We help build high-impact enterprises.  We are innovating business development! 

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how we do it

Using our proprietary business innovation strategy, we help innovators develop and grow their vision.

We partner with your business/ organization.  You bring the subject matter expertise, the product/service and resources for the project, and we do the rest (see art 1).



1. start and end with your desired outcomes and organizational vision

2. develop a customized scope for the project and metrics for success that suit your needs

3. provide a time & budget bound business case that describes:

    1. our understanding of the challenge,
    2. our proposed solution,
    3. risk mitigation strategies,
    4. timelines and milestones,
    5. itemized budget,
    6. a project management plan,

4. put our reputations on the line with you



art 1: i+ innovation model 
i+ (depicted in black) partners with clients (red) to provide a full-service business development solution that includes: detailed requirements gathering; innovation and project strategy that reflects your vision and objectives; branding & reputation that promotes your organization and connects to stakeholders & customers;  business development activities that accesses the market and develops deal flow.

innovation model

i+ innovation model


why we do it

Because we are innovators and entrepreneurs too!  Starting businesses, solving problems, and engaging in creative development drives our passions.


who we are

We are strategists, designers, scientists, developers, artists, philosophers, writers, brokers, negotiators, innovators, inventors, and we care.


i+ values

  • collaboration
  • creativity
  • courage
  • integrity
  • ingenuity
  • intelligence



Start innovating your business development with i+ Business Development Studios!





i+ Business Development Studios