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Our services encompass our client’s innovation journey: starting from strategy, building through branding and reputation management, and then leading to transactional business development. By integrating these services, we create true project continuity and are better able to provide complete support for a full innovation-project lifecycle.







“In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things”

– Miyamoto Musashi


All our strategies start with a detailed requirements gathering exercise.  We listen and ask questions and listen some more.

We then employ several visualization and  design thinking processes to develop a model for your business.  Using a human-centric innovations framework, we identify stakeholders impacted by the business and champions required to drive change. Concurrently identify and define key challenges, opportunities and solutions.   We highlight the value propositions for the business and help you refine and improve your offerings to maximize buy-in and success.

Our strategies, including business models and financial analysis, can be fully articulated in the form of a final report, presentation or business case.


we listen, a lot!  ahead of any project, we spend time with you, your team and stakeholders to gather as much information and data as possible to inform our strategy and approach.   we carefully consider all available resources and critical limitations such as budget, time, technology and man power
visualizing your business through 3 key dimensions (system-level, organizational-level and project-level), we are able to better understand and predict how your business operates and how best to organize resources for project success
discovering and understanding stakeholders is critical to all our strategies.  people and relationships matter and we take extreme care to identify and understand touch-points on the business
understanding stakeholders helps us to understand the value your business provides.  we discover, identify and optimize value proposition statements to develop a value matrix that visualizes the flow of value through your business and its connections in the marketplace
we employ a lean, stage-gated, phased approach to all our strategies, ensuring the most efficient and sustainable use of your organization’s resources
once we have built a business model, we can create a financial model that predicts revenues and costs over the lifespan of your project
visualize the the flow of value from your suppliers through to the end user.   gain key insights for success
all our strategies use the principles of design thinking.  we design a critical path and develop a practical approach to testing assumptions
we use a lean approach to test and validate the end product or service.  save time and money.  avoid critical and costly errors


“The general who wins the battle makes many calculations before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations”

– Sun Tzu 



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“The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavour to be what you desire to appear”

– Socrates


Bring your business strategy to life!

Unlike other shops, our designs start start with your business strategy and goals. Building on your business strategy, we will design a customized communications strategy that tells your story, reflects your values and reinforces your strategic goals.   Our communications strategy is a “reputation management playbook” that highlights key audiences, messages and risk mitigation strategies.  We aim to promote your reputation in the most thoughtful, respectful and diligent manner possible.

We create unique visual elements and communications assets, such as logos/brands, websites, social media channels, etc.  We help communicate your vision and engage your customers, audiences, and stakeholders.  

We offer:

we will help you develop a brand and market presence that reflects your values, connects with your audience and drives your organizational objectives.  we can create word-marks, logos and full brand identities that suite your needs and budget
we build sites that are at once beautiful to look at and functional to use.  our websites are designed with one goal in mind: to potentiate your business/organizational goals.  we use a highly structured process that can efficiently develop your strategically customized site from design to online in under 3 weeks.
do you have a message to convey?  a story to tell?  an audience to reach?  but not the time or resources to write?  we can help.  our story writers are professional journalists and subject matter experts with experience in developing compelling content.  additionally, we can fully manage your existing content, optimizing the content layout for ease of access and a better user experience (UX).  
do you require a multilingual site with both official languages?  we can help.  we have translators and have developed multilingual sites that excite and inform. 
we take your brand and harmonize all social media channels to best reflect and promote your reputation
connect with your audiences and customers through social media and other digital channels.  we offer a several  levels of support and can help you connect with your audiences through a campaign, white papers, news stories, etc. 
establish a more personal connection with your audience through newsletters.  we can help you setup attractive and compelling digital newsletter templates.  we can help you develop campaign strategies and support ongoing communications


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busi·ness  de·vel·op·ment  in·no·va·tion
through the purposeful application of continuous improvement strategies, the art of pursuing strategic opportunities on behalf of a business or organization.   for example by: cultivating relationships, identifying new markets, or improving internal business processes


Put your strategy and brand to work for you.


We will work with you and your team to engage your customers and stakeholders.  We negotiate deals that align with your organizational goals.  We offer agreements advisory and management for many common business development contracts.  We create events and experiences that develop relationships and grow networks.   We can help you sell, raise money and strike alliances that add real value.


we write business cases and proposals that get funded! intelligent, data-driven, visually appealing and persuasive, our proposals and business cases help you get the funding you need to take your projects to the next level.  we specialize in government innovation grants, proposals for public-private partnerships, fundraising proposals, etc.  we have raised millions of dollars for our clients – we can do the same for you
do you have a product or service you would like to sell? do you have the right pricing model and customer acquisition strategy? if you are unsure, we can help drive sales
develop strategic alliances that add value to your organization.  we can help you develop a sponsorship prospectus and partnership proposals drive organizational goals and boost the bottom line
all our business development services include agreements management and negotiations.  let our years of experience negotiating and managing agreements benefit you.  common agreements managed include but may not be limited to: confidentiality agreements, material transfer agreements, collaboration agreements, licenses, etc. 
innovation and IP are essential to any innovative enterprise.  we will help you manage your patentable and non-patentable intellectual property in a manner that maximizes your competitive advantage.  we specialize in patents, trademarks, copyright, knowhow, and proprietary data
engage stakeholders, clients and even your own organization through impactful events.  we manage and organize online and live events, focus groups, conferences, workshops, stakeholder meetings, seminars and learning events 
looking to solve an important organizational challenge?  try using our innovation hack-lab to stimulate truly disruptive ideas 


+ grow your network, seek new partnerships, and develop deal-flow!

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